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Let’s talk about something different today! No recipe here but a recent trip to Phuket, Point Yamu by Como.

I’ve submitted my work leave form with these reasons – Beach, sun and romance. Got approved. Packed our bags, load up with swimwear, shorts and sun screen (You do not need your new Louboutins or Chanel classic flap here). A 25-minutes taxi ride along the main roads of Phuket city, then a turn into a rubber plantation lined windy road, with glimpse of a slow fishing village pace where fishing boats bobbing against the panoramic views of the cape, you will find Point Yamu by Como perched on top the elevate planes with tranquil aura that drew you closer leaving the buzz of city life far behind. Like an alluring mystic castle but set in on a yogi haven this time.

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Once set foot, we were charmed all the way. Our bags were taken by staff that glides in cream “Calvin Klein” uniforms, refreshing tea served with a bracelet of fresh jasmine that made you inhale it’s complex perfume with meditating-yogi-type breathes. The jolly general manager, James Low, greeting us explaining the Como property and things to do while ensuring the smoothest check-in at the back of his eye before handing over to a poise lady to tour the property before orientating us to our room.

charcoal toast Point yamu como breakfast

The huge dining table, large lounging sofa, two separate bathrooms, smaller one for guest and a large private one within the bedroom. The big balcony is breathtaking overlooking the Andaman Sea and the dramatic limestones of Phang Nga Bay. The view took our breathe away. I told Funny Face that I’m happy if our future apartment be like this (of course, minus the view). Simple because this space evoked the comforts of a peaceful home on a fresh spring day. Weirdly how I thought of James, the GM how I envied him living in such a beautiful space making his work place feel so much like home. Funny Face always look forward to breakfast and he usually set the alarm as early as possible. Breakfast is the main meal here and entirely delectable. In the morning, we drank wheat grass shots in the morning. Ate toast toasted in charcoal. I should think the eggs are free-range too. All these while overlooking the infinity pool. Synchronised servings of Ice pops and cut fruits served in the afternoon at the pool to notion you to lounge a while more before happy hour to witness the sun set.

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At Point Yamu by Como, I am alive and awake to witness the beauty. To stop for the moment. And breathe. Without a doubt, you’ll be relax and recharged. The mystery doesn’t stop there. We left with teardrop goodbyes. Taxi arranged to shipped us off back to reality world. At the airport, a “Calvin Klein” robe guy awaits us to open our doors and ensure priority check-ins. Yes, of course we emptied our wallets for a big fat tip. The meticulous service was mind blowing.

Phuket street point yamu yoga Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant

Last Notes:

  • Yes, you can eat well enough in-house so try Nahmyaa for exquisite Thai food. Really good up-market Thai food that is inspired by Thai street food cooking.
  • Induge in the group’s signature Spa at Como Shambhala or book a yoga session.
  • Take a 15 minutes boat ride and head out to their private beach on nearby Rangyai Island!
  • Like a fellow Singaporean, pack your bags with cup noodles because there absolutely nothing (no 7/11s) within the 5km radius. Also load up some wine at duty-free.
  • Bring plenty of tips. You are most willing to give.

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored experience, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. THOMMY says:

    During my 5 days stay in April, I and my wife tried many delicious dishes. For breakfast, the berry yoghurt, fruit juices, cinnamon French toast, Egg Benedict, and Fried Hokkian noodles are good.

    The Tom Yum Soup, Som Tam( Blue crab and green papaya salad), Tiger prawn fresh spring rolls, Fried rice with Blue crab, Phad Thai, Pad Kee Mao (fried egg noodle), Massaman Curry Chicken. The ice-cream sandwich and coconut sorbet for dessert are excellent choices to end the meal.

    In Nahmyaa, the nice dishes are Fish Souffle, Prawn Relish Fried Rice, Braised Pork Rice, Phuket Golden Yellow Noodle and Papaya Salad.

    Coco Island in the Maldives, Uma Ubud and Como Shambala Resort in Bali also provide excellent service and delicious meals. Mrs Christina Ong is a woman with great taste and management skills. Therefore, all her boutiques and hotels reflect her sense of good taste.

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