Seafood Kimchi Soup

I’ve been kinda avoiding any social wingdings lately. Because every time I do go out, I’ve been bombarded with questions like “Why are there no new post” or “What happen to you? Why are you not writing?” and so forth. I’ve been zipping my mouth so tight and finally finally… I am thrilled that the secret is out.

Well, if you’ve seen the before and after. We are revamping Foodmanna blog. Instead of sitting at Blogger platform, we’ve took the leap and move to WordPress with our own Foodmanna URL. Please bear with us if your clicks gives you a weird reaction or jump to no where – as the blog is still on testing stage and there’s still a lot of fine tuning to do. I promise to get the tedious testings done soon.

Now that the cat is out of the bag. Let’s get to the more interesting stuff – Seafood Kimchi Soup. My seafood Kimchi Soup is one of my everyday favourites. It’s so easy to make. Put everything together and boil. It’s even oil free!

P.S. For those that had been asking me about this recipe. Here it is. Sorry for the delay.

Seafood Kimchi Soup
~ Serves 2 as main meal ~
1 tub Kimchi, about 750g
1 large flower crab or 2 smaller ones (the flower crab gives flavour to the soup. The isn’t much meat in it so usually I’ll throw them out)
1 pack soft tofu, cut into cubes
1 chopped chili (only if you prefer the soup spicier)
Any seafood you wish. I’ve added squid and shrimps this time…clams are great too!
1.5 litre water

In a pot of water, add the crabs and kimchi. Add the chopped chilli for spicier soup. Cover and bring to a boil and let soup boil for half an hour or until the kimchi vegetables are soft. Fish out the crabs and discard. Turn down the soup to a simmer and add the tofu. Let it simmer for another 5-10mins to soak up the favours then add the seafood. It’s ready when the seafood are cooked or if you add clams, it’s ready when the clams open up.
Serve with rice.

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